1/6/17 – ALEKS Intro to Stats FAIL

I studied and studied and took my time and still only managed a 51% on the ALEKS Statistics Assessment. I think at this point I need to pass on this one and come back to it or look to get my stats credits somewhere else. It seems like Saylor will keep asking you the same type of question over and over even if you clearly don’t understand that specific concept. At 51%, my assessment didn’t even ask me questions on over a quarter of the pie. The nature of the test seems harder than it needs to be and not something you would experience in a real classroom setting.

I did some more research and it sounds like a mix of Straighterline and CLEPs will be next in line for me.

I’ve started making a spreadsheet of all the credits I need and where they could/should come from. The weather this weekend is looking like snow with a side of snow, so hopefully I can knock out 6-9 credits by Sunday to be somewhere around 20-23 after my first week. Wish me luck!



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