1/8/17 – Straighterline and more TEEX

There are so. many. questions. in the TEEX cybersecurity modules. Can’t complain too much though because it will be 6 free credits. As of right now, I’ve got 2 down and 4 to go.

I took a break from TEEX and signed up for my first Straighterline course – Intoduction to Religions.


The cost should have been a $99 monthly fee plus $49 for the course plus $87.71 for the ebook, but I used a $50 internet coupon to pay $185.71 for everything.

The format is the best I’ve seen yet. I’m breezing through the content and although I’m not timing myself, I bet I will complete the whole course in around 3-4 hours.

Tomorrow – Intro to Religion Final Exam.

On a side note – If I cancel my Saylor subscription can I still transfer my credits later without any hassle? Does anyone know?



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