1/13/17 – English Composition I, Study.com Scholarship

I started last night and got up again at 4:30 am to work on this one. I’ve got 10 quizzes down with 5 to go. Currently, I’m sitting on a 90.65% for the course. Most of the course so far is high school level grammar and punctuation with some verb tenses and homonyms. This is by far the easiest class I’ve taken yet, although there are more quizzes and more questions than most.

After the 5 quizzes, it also looks like I will need to submit some writing samples as well. I hope to finish the class today or tomorrow, at the latest.

Yesterday, I found a link to Get Free Access to Study.com’s College Accelerator Sponsored by Guardian. 


If selected, I’ll get a free personal finance course as well as 6 free classes. It sounds like it can take 7-10 days to hear if you’re selected. If you’re not selected, you don’t get notified. I signed up, which included writing a brief description of why I should be selected and how I would use the knowledge. Fingers crossed. I guess we’ll see in a week or two.


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