1/15/17 – Intro to Sociology

To satisfy my diversity requirement, I signed up for Introduction to Sociology at Straighterline. The course was $49 and the ebook was $31.31 for a total of $80.31. I’ve run out of working promo codes, so I had to pay full price.

I can’t tell if I can also use this for Knowledge of Human Cultures or if it’s an either-or type thing. I will have to look into that.

I took all the quizzes, the midterm, and submitted three of the five discussion papers before lunch. After lunch, I scheduled the final with 22 minutes notice and saved $8.75 again thanks to Take it Now with ProctorU. Prior to the final, I was averaging just under 90% on the quizzes and midterm.

This was the first closed-book final I’ve taken with Straighterline. I was pretty nervous as I was sitting there waiting for it to begin. I completed 60 questions in 23 minutes and managed a 77% on the final. The final is worth a potential 250 of 1000 total points for the class. Not too bad for a subject I knew almost nothing about 24 hours ago.

By the time I went back to look at my overall grade, my first three discussions had been graded 20 out of 20 each making my overall grade 85.55%. I polished off the remaining two discussion papers in about 30 more minutes and submitted them.

Done. Now I’m just waiting on the grades for the two last papers so I can request to add this course to my ACE transcript.

On a side-note, I have to say that I had always heard of people’s general dislike for sociology and I would have to agree. This will probably go down as one of my least-favorite subjects that I had to study. No offense to any sociology-likers out there, but I don’t understand the need to come up with so many vocab words and names for things that are so easily understood by everybody. OK, done complaining.

Tomorrow I will either work on another English Comp paper or start a new course. As for tonight, I’m going to take the rest of the evening off and watch some playoff football.



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