1/19/17 – Focus, Determination, and Discipline

Today was an epically stressful day at work. I had zero time all day to work toward my bachelor’s degree. By all accounts, it was a sh**ty day. Everyone is going to have a sh**ty day from time to time. What separates the few great people from most average people is discipline.

I’m not saying I am great. I haven’t achieved greatness, at least not yet. I’m not perfect. I’m just saying that a few attributes that all great people share are focus, determination, and discipline. Those aren’t the only ingredients for greatness, but they are up there.

I came home from my s**t sandwich of a day and could have easily “treated myself” with a night off, ordering in a pizza, or watching a mindless show. Instead, I knocked out another microeconomics exam, submitted another English Comp paper, and spent some quality time with my wife.

When you’ve had a bad day or you’re facing adversity, it’s easy to succumb to “taking a night off,” “I just need to relax,” “I deserve this,” or “I’ll get back on track tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, life is unforgiving. Sometimes you’re going to have a s**ty day and you simply cannot use it as an excuse. Successful people win consistently through focus, determination, and discipline.


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