1/22/17 English Comp

I logged into Straighterline this morning and my last 2 Sociology papers had been graded, which bumped me up to an 86.13% for the final grade. I submitted it to ACE for my transcript.

In English Comp, I’m on the summary exercise. I researched and wrote over 500 words on a research topic of my choice. I chose NAFTA, specifically GDP per capita in both Mexico and the US since NAFTA was signed. 

It took me a super long time. I had to find a scholarly post in a periodical, develop a thesis and write 500 words. It felt like a lot of work for 20 points out of a total 1000 for the course. 

Anyone have any experience with this? Since all of the writing submissions combine for a total of only 400 of 1000, I feel like I could just power through them as quickly as possible without worrying about failing the overall course. 

Since it will appear as pass/fail at TESU and not count towards my GPA, I’m going to just get to 800 asap and move on. 

If I’m to get a bachelor’s degree in under a year, I’d rather slow down and learn business classes than composition. 

Now for some playoff football…



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