1/23/17 – Microeconomics & Some More Composition

This morning before work I took another Microeconomics exam. Now I’m sitting on a 78.57% for the course as a whole. That’s 7 of 24 exams down. I need to slow down a little and read the text instead of just skimming it, but I’m not worried about the outcome. The theory isn’t complicated, but interpreting some of the graphs and remembering formulas can be more challenging.

My grade came through on Straighterline for my Summary Exercise – 19/20 (95%)

This evening while I was cooking dinner I wrote and submitted my Compare/Contrast Paper. I did it on Stocks vs Bonds, which is something I know quite a bit about so I didn’t have to research it. Four papers down, four to go.

Tonight, I started my Personal Narrative paper. This one shouldn’t be too hard.


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