1/30/17 – Persuasive Essay Submitted

Last night before dinner I knocked out my persuasive essay. Another 750 word assignment, this time worth 50 points out of an overall 1,000. I chose to write mine on President Trump using an anecdotal fallacy when he said that Mexico is sending us rapists who are bringing drugs and crime into the United States. This quote was a softball for a paper on fallacies. It was almost too easy.

Also, I got my grade back on my personal narrative submission – 92.5%. I don’t know if it’s because I work on a Mac, but either there is no feedback on any of these papers or I can’t see it. I’ll need to look into that, because I’d like to know what I could have done better. Tonight, more writing. Only two papers to go. One is 750 words, and one is 800.


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