1/5/17 – Intro to Statistics

Riding a wave of confidence I decided to go straight into Introduction to Statistics on ALEKS without studying to round out my math credits. I’ve never taken a statistics course. The initial assessment felt so easy and I felt like I crushed it.

I scored a 27% percent. Sounds like I’ll need to do some extensive studying and take another crack at it.

Also, I started Introduction to Financial Accounting at Saylor. I took the practice exam and scored a 58%. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the course material for the Saylor courses is very scattered and too exhaustive.

I hear people like Straighterline, CLEP and DSSTs better. I’m more interested in getting my degree quickly than for a rock-bottom price, so I may consider switching where I’m getting the credits from. Anyone have any first-hand advice on this?