2/1/17 – Last Day of the Month and Reading Scholarly Papers

Today was the last day of the month. Outside the business world that may not be a big deal, but in the business world, specifically the car business, the last day of the month is like the final green on Sunday, the Super Bowl, and Christmas Eve, times ten, plus steroids. 

Many managers pull their hair out and stay until all hours of the night on the last day of the month. I’d argue that with a proactive nature, hard work, and preparation, a manager can accomplish their goals and not stay at work until 11:59pm closing out the month. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work extra hard, but for example, I stayed about 20 minutes late then drove home listening to music with the windows down and the satisfaction of knowing that the team and I worked as hard as we possibly could. Staying late on the last day of the month seems to me to be reactive and a sign of procrastination when it comes to decision-making. 

Make the tough choices as they come up throughout the month, don’t stack them up on your desk to be decided when your back is against the wall on the last day of the month. 

After dinner, I read and took some notes on my three scholarly sources for my argumentative paper. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. 

Also, I logged into study.com and it looks like they are giving me credit for Digital Marketing 309 without submitting a PowerPoint. I went ahead and submitted it to ACE – we’ll see. 


1/31/17 – There’s a Study.com app? + More. Long. Soul-Sucking. English. Composition.

Yesterday I discovered Study.com’s mobile app. Since I need to knock out free two courses this month to take advantage of my scholarship, I signed up for Digital Marketing (Business 309). I easily knocked out the 59 quizzes in a little time before work and during my lunch break.

I took and passed the closed-book final with an 83% in about 40 minutes after work. All I have left to do is a PowerPoint presentation and I’m done with this class. The class could easily be tackled by anyone with a little marketing and PowerPoint experience in one day on the weekend.

I happily stopped studying to make dinner and spend time with my family. After dinner, I started to write my argumentative paper for English Comp I. I have to reference three scholarly sources for this paper for a potential grade of 100 out of 1000 for the course? This is soul-sucking. I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. I know it’s a general education requirement for pretty much everyone seeking a bachelor’s degree, but this course requires so much effort for so few points toward the final grade.

Ugggghh. OK, I’m done complaining. I know, it needs to be done. I’ll get it done this week then turn off my Straighterline subscription before I’m charged for February.