2/2/17 – More Microeconomics

I took a couple more exams in Microeconomics last night. It’s probably the second most difficult course I’ve attempted after statistics. It’s hard to commit graphs of Average Total Cost and Marginal Cost, etc. to memory. I understand most of the concepts, but when they ask a question about what happens to this cost when this product is diminishing, it makes cobwebs in my head burn trying to conceptualize it.

This is not a course I can imagine anyone blitzing through in a day or two. It takes lots of studying and reading.

I just keep plugging away. One or two exams a day, every day. It’ll be done before I know it.


1/23/17 – Microeconomics & Some More Composition

This morning before work I took another Microeconomics exam. Now I’m sitting on a 78.57% for the course as a whole. That’s 7 of 24 exams down. I need to slow down a little and read the text instead of just skimming it, but I’m not worried about the outcome. The theory isn’t complicated, but interpreting some of the graphs and remembering formulas can be more challenging.

My grade came through on Straighterline for my┬áSummary Exercise – 19/20 (95%)

This evening while I was cooking dinner I wrote and submitted my Compare/Contrast Paper. I did it on Stocks vs Bonds, which is something I know quite a bit about so I didn’t have to research it. Four papers down, four to go.

Tonight, I started my Personal Narrative paper. This one shouldn’t be too hard.

1/17/17 – Freakonomics and Microeconomics

Short post today. I’ve been listening to another audiobook called When to Rob a Bank by the authors of Freakonomics – Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner. Freakonomics was one of my favorite books as a young adult. This new book is a collection of blog posts, so it’s a little frenetic and click-baity, but I can’t help but love listening to those guys.

In that spirit, I signed up for Microeconomics with Straighterline. From everything I’ve read, it has 20+ quizzes and a closed book final. Sounds harder than most of what I’ve done so far, but I don’t mind. I accept it will take a little longer to complete.

Class + ebook = $131.06. No more promo codes I can find. Wish me luck!