2/3/17 – Movie Piracy Draft

Last night I knocked out my draft of my argumentative paper. I chose to write on movie piracy. The gist is that it’s less detrimental than music piracy, only effects “recently released movies” (no effect on box-office sales), and can actually help smaller independent movies carve out market share against the blockbuster films. Basically the only big losers in movie piracy are blockbuster DVDS and paid-streaming of blockbuster movies.

The longest/hardest part of the assignment was finding and reading three relevant sources and making sure not to commit any MLA faux pas in my works cited. It’s 2017. Surely a hyperlink to your source should suffice, just saying. The rest of the paper came quickly and easily.

I decided to submit this one as a draft to hopefully identify any major issues before I submit the paper for a final grade.

One more paper and I’m done with English Comp I.